In obedience to the command of the Lord Jesus Christ to, “Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature” (Mark 16:15); and seeing the need for a ministry to help those Bible-Believing, serious-minded men, called of God, to reach their respective mission fields of service around the world; and with the blessing of his pastor, Rev. Kelton Williams and the Calvary Baptist Church, Red Bank, Tennessee; Dr. Homer Smith, with the help of others, founded “Word for the World Baptist Missions” in January 1980.

Word for the World Baptist Missions is an international faith missionary ministry whose goals are to:

1. Develop, encourage, and promote Local Church missions programs through organizing and coordinating Faith Promise Missions Giving Conferences.
2.  Help missionaries that they may reach their mission fields of service and effectively serve the Lord while there on the mission fields around the world.
3.  Help plant indigenous churches around the world.

Currently Word for the World Baptist Missions serves 71 missionary families serving in 26 countries around the world. There are over 2,900 Churches and individuals supporting these missionary families.

Word for the World Baptist Missions operates under the authority of Bible Believers Baptist Church of Stowe, Pennsylvania, Dr. Michael Collingwood, Pastor. The desire of Word for the World Baptist Missions is to be an aid to local churches to directly support separated, soul-winning, Bible-Believing, Independent Baptist missionaries, and to help churches be able to send out their own missionaries to their chosen fields around the world, thus fulfilling the command from God to, “Go ye into all the world”.

According to the biblical principle of missions set forth in Acts 13:1-4, it is the local Church that authorizes and sends out its own missionaries. Word for the World Baptist Missions is dedicated to the encouragement and promotion of that principle around the world.  Every missionary candidate, to be eligible for service under this ministry, must be a member of and commissioned by a local Bible-Believing, mission-minded, Baptist Church located in the United States of America. The missionary remains under the authority of his pastor and home church. Word for the World Baptist Missions desires to “help” get the missionary to the field, and to “help” him stay there and have a productive, fruitful ministry while on the field. Word for the World Baptist Missions does not usurp the authority of the pastor and local church; but simply comes alongside the Church to “help” with their missions outreach ministry.


We serve Churches by:

1.    Providing missionaries for conferences for consideration for support by the Church.

2.    Providing assistance in setting up and promoting a Faith Promise Missions Conference by:
A.    Providing speakers to come and present Faith Promise Missions Giving.
B.    Providing Faith Promise Missions Giving cards.

3.    Providing semi-annual Giving Statements to show the mission giving activity for the past six months with a total for year-to-date giving.

4.    Providing miscellaneous information about missionaries Churches support such as: addresses, phone numbers, field information, family names, birth dates, anniversaries, etc.

We serve Missionaries by:

1.    Providing applicants with Missionary Candidate School each year to equip them for the missionary ministry they are called to do.

2.    Providing a “home base” or Home Office where they can get much needed help and encouragement while on deputation or on the mission field.

3.    Providing record-keeping systems that give them a “Support List” each month showing how much support came in and who it came from. Additional accounts can be added for funds
that the missionary may need to raise for special projects on the mission field.

4.    Providing bill-paying services for the missionaries from their support.

5.    Providing help with paperwork including passports and visa applications.

6.    Providing help with booking airline tickets, shipping containers, completing customs forms necessary to get the missionary, his family, and his personal items to the field.

7.    Providing help with miscellaneous correspondence such as phone calls, letters, and e-mails that come into the Home Office.

8.    To do all we can “here”, so they can do all they can “there” to reach the world for Jesus Christ!